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Further Training Materials

Setting up Friends and Family TestDetails of how to configure the Friends and Family Test within MJog 
Automatic Appointment CancellationHow to allow MJog to automatically cancel appointments when patients respond with 'Cancel' to appointment reminder messages2m 54s
Setting up read codingVideo and PDF guide to take you through the process of configuring automatic read coding to the patients records1m 15s
Creating health campaignsVideo and PDF guide to take you through the process of creating health campaign messages used for things like annual recalls and health surveys6m 26s
Creating health campaigns with emailVideo and PDF guide to show you how to use email with health campaigns3m 34s
Using custom messages in health campaignsPDF Guide to show you how to use the custom message within message templates to bring through additional relevant information 
Now messagesVideo and PDF guide to take you through sending now messages. Now messages are commonly used to cancel clinics when a member of staff is ill5m 36s
CSV troubleshootingPDF guide on the common problems with CSV files used as the source of Patients for health campaigns 
Setting up acknowledgement messagesPDF guide on how to set up automatic acknowledgement messages for incoming messages such as an appointment cancellation 
Creating text templatesPDF Guide showing you how to create custom templates to help standardise your messages and save time 
Importing email addressesPDG guide showing you how to import email addresses into MJog 
Setting up NHS Mail auto responderPDF guide showing you how to set up an auto-responder on the NHS Mail account in case Patients send emails to this account 
Exporting an MJog Compatible CSV from VisionA step-by-step guide taking you through the how to export an MJog compatible CSV from Vision 

Seasonal Training Materials

Running a shingles campaignPDF guide showing you how to run a shingles campaign 
Accountable GP campaignPDF guide showing you how to send a custom message to advise your patients who their allocated accountable GP is 
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