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Getting Started Training Videos

Please run through our getting started training videos which will give you all the basic information required to manage your MJog system. Once you have been through these, take a look at the further training videos covering more advanced topics such as health campaigns.

Logging Into MJogHow to log into the MJog software47s
Collecting Patient Mobile NumbersInformation about collecting Patient mobile numbers1m 07s
Appointment Reminder TemplatesDetails of how to set up appointment reminder templates for your Practice1m 49s
Opting out PatientsHow to opt Patients in and out of receiving messages1m 15s
Opting out ClinicsHow to opt Clinics in and out of sending appointment reminder messages1m 13s
Creating New UsersCreating new users of the MJog software and administering existing ones.2m 29s
Change the time messages are sentHow to change the day/time appointment reminders are sent2m 17s
Opting out appointment typesHow to stop messages being sent for certain appointment types (e.g. telephone or home visit)1m 11s





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