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The MJog Smart service allows practices to communicate with your patients through an app called the MJog Messenger, which is installed on your patients' mobile phones.  It is a free type of messaging, so the more patients that install the app, the more you can reduce your messaging costs.  MJog Smart messages are very similar to text messages, they both use a patients mobile number, however, it doesn't have the limitations that text messages have, which allows you to create much more content rich and expansive templates to send to your patients.


How does it work?

Sending MJog Smart messages is the same as sending text, voice or email messages to your patients.  For example, in the same way, the MJog service won't send an SMS message if a patient doesn't have a mobile number, it won't send a Smart message, unless the patient has installed and registered the app on their phone.  This means, for example, you can send a communication by Smart message and text message; your MJog service will then send a Smart message to your patients who have a registered app, and send a text message to patients who don't.  Additionally, if the Smart message fails to deliver, the MJog service will fall back, and send a text message.