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You will need to be logged into your MJog as a user with administrator or full access level.

If the MJog is showing an error, contact MJog Support to clear the error before you send this campaign.

For some great demonstration videos detailing how to set up and amend COVID-19 campaign messages, watch below:

Log into your MJog.

Select communicate with my patients.

Select the campaigns tab on the left, then click the download templates button.

Select the information category.

Find the COVID-19 Advice template, then click the download templates link for it.

Click activity picker at the top.

Find and click the COVID-19 Advice template.

Click the continue button.

Click the continue button.

Click select patient file or group.

Select the patient file tab on the left. Click the browse button, select the CSV export of your patients, then click the upload button.

Click the continue button.

Click setup delivery options.

Select the date and time of day you want to send the campaign, then click the continue button.

Click send messages.

Tick the tick here to include a copy of the message to yourself at the time of delivery box, then click the send messages button.

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