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This page provides up-to-date information on the MJog Service. This is not specific to your MJog installation, but overall information relating to the operation of all MJog Services.

Issue Resolved?Status DateAreaDescription
YES24/08/2017Health Campaign ManagerMJog Smart Groups - At present we are not being kept up to date with information in relation to the patients de-registering and leaving your surgery. Instead, please only use patient lists exported (in CSV format files) from your clinical system. This will ensure your MJog system only contacts relevant patients who are still registered at your surgery.
YES03/06/2016Synchronisation ErrorOne of our servers was briefly offline; the server is back online and normal service should resume.
YES16/07/2015Delivery status updatesEE delivery issue is resolved, but some NHSMail accounts are still not set up to send SMS correctly
YES22/03/2017EMIS Import ErrorIf you are running EMIS you may be aware of recent issues with automatic appointment cancellations and importing new appointments into MJog. We can now confirm that EMIS believe that they have resolved this issue and that your MJog system should return to normal. If you are still seeing any errors please contact MJog Support.`
YES24/03/2017Delivery ErrorThe issue with the provision of delivery receipts, which was causing a delivery error with MJog services, that are using our MJog SMS gateway, has been resolved. The supply of backdated delivery receipts has been completed. Any messages sent during the days affected by the issue, will now show the correct status within your MJog service.
YES20/02/2018Message Sending

EE have advised the problem with message sending has been resolved. Additionally, our systems also indicate messages are sending again. Customers affected by the outage will see an increase in the number of messages that have failed. Our systems will now normalise throughout today; normal service is expected to resume by tomorrow (21/02/2019).

19/02/2019 - EE are currently experiencing problems sending messages and are urgently investigating the issue. Customers who use EE or NHSmail to send messages through MJog will be affected. We will provide updates when we are given more information by EE.


TPP SystmOne SMS Messaging

We have experienced issues where SystmOne crashes when attempting to send messages via the MJog SMS messaging system.

This has now been resolved.


Delays to Campaign Messages*

 We are experiencing significant delays in the delivery of campaign messages. This is due to a backlog of messages arising from increased traffic generated by COVID-19 messaging.

This will also affect the processing of delivery receipts.

*Now Messages and appointment reminders are allocated the highest priority in SMS message queues but these will also be subject to some degree of delay.

NOOngoingSupport and service Status

Support Status: Our Support Team are incredibly busy at the moment which will result in a delay to all Support Tickets and calls.

Service Status: All messages are going out as expected, however, there is a slight delay to delivery reports.

NOOngoingPhishing and NHSmail

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Phishing attempts & "NHS Mail Password Needs Changing" Error If you are seeing this message, please attempt to change the NHSmail password first before contacting Support. In the majority of cases this will resolve the problem for you.

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