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EMIS SNOMED Coding Issues

We are currently experiencing wide spread issues with writing SNOMED codes back to EMIS Web. We have investigated and believe that the problem is occurring at the EMIS end of the connection and have thus logged a call with EMIS Support to address this. We will keep you posted on any updates we get from them.

In the meantime, if you encounter this issue yourself please still let us know and we will add your practice to the list we have given EMIS.

Thank you and we apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing you, especially at this difficult time.

NHSmail SMS Delivery Reports within NHS Scotland

Customers using NHSmail in Scotland are no longer receiving SMS delivery reports but messages are being sent; this is due to email routing issues within the Scottish IT systems and beyond the control of MJog. Customers using NHSmail in England are not affected. Customers in Scotland and in England using BT/EE HTTPS API are not affected.

NHS Scotland has now provisioned BT/EE HTTPS API accounts for each Health Board. MJog has started the process to switch accounts over to using the new HTTPS API accounts.

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