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A link can be placed within a smart template, as an image or text, which can call a telephone number; this is convenient for the patient, if you want the patient to call you. When they tap the link, the patient will receive an option, like the below, allowing them to call the number.

Some of the smart templates MJog create, which can be downloaded from template library contain call links which need editing before the template should be used. There are step-by-step instructions contained within these templates which can be followed, alternatively, you can follow these more detailed instructions.

In this guide, the Appointment Cancellation template is used for demonstration purposes.

Find the template you need to edit the call link for.

Then click the Edit button.

Scroll down until you find the call icon, which is also a demonstration call link.  Right-click the icon, then select Edit Link from the menu displayed.

Select the Link Info tab, select URL from the Link Type drop down menu, then select <other> from the Protocol drop down menu.

Edit the URL field; type tel:, followed by the telephone number you want your patients to call (no spaces), then click the OK button.

By adding tel: to the beginning of the telephone number, you are telling the patient's MJog Messenger app, this is the number to call when the image or text is tapped.

Scroll to the top of the template, right-click the edit instructions, then select Delete Table from the menu shown.

Click the Save Changes button to save the changes to the template; the template is now ready to use.